On this page you can read more about the participants of the Meaning Across Media - Cross-Communication and Co-Creation project and their individual projects.

Anne Mette Thorhauge, Assistant Professor

Visual Communication in Cross-Media

Bjarki Valtýsson, Associate Professor

DR’s Digital Cultural Heritage Project and User Engagement

Jacob Ørmen, Ph.D.-fellow

Co-Creating Democracy? Engaging & disengaging with political news across media     

Jakob Linaa Jensen, Associate Professor

News Consumption as Social Sharing

Kjetil Sandvik, Associate Professor

Co-Creating Smart Cities: Cross-Media Communication in the Public Sector

Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Professor

Speaking of the Weather: Communicating About Climate Change

Mette Mortensen, Associate Professor

News Production as Invitation to Co-Creation

Stine Lomborg, Associate Professor

Exercising With the Smartphone

Troels Fibæk Bertel, Postdoc

Chronic Illness, Mundane Citizenship and Social Media